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Procedural Drink

Arnold Renderer


This was a surfacing practice to try and create a realistic appearance of a beverage, ice cube, and portion of fruit using entirely procedural techniques. The ice cube, orange slice and class were all modelled by hand. Created in Maya and Rendered in Arnold

Earlier Glass in isolation to work on the displacement sculpt from Zbrush and tune the transmission before adding more colors to work with

Screenshot 2021-07-15 090917.jpg

Wireframe of Glass and UV's

Screenshot 2021-07-15 091126.jpg

Wireframe of internal volume and UV's

Materials Hypershade

Predominately procedural with some use of painted maps for time constraints

Screenshot 2021-07-15 092344.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-15 092448.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-15 092427.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-15 092405.jpg
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