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Tear of the Sea - Exploration Puzzle Game

Unreal Engine 5

Tear of the Sea, managed by Bee Nix and Noah Heilveil, is a 3D isometric puzzle game made at the Savannah College of Art and Design for the ITGM754 class. I had the pleasure of collaborating with a talented team of 14 artists asynchronously. I was responsible for technical training and implementation of mechanics; primarily on systems design and art content integration, as well as heading and overseeing the design of sound effects and music. Since we were such a small team, we all wore many hats at many different occasions, check out out page for updates!

Level Layout Tool Built + use tutorials

Art Directing Tiles for use w/ generator

Admittedly there were several people who did significantly more work than the rest of the team, took art direction better and overall cooperated more efficiently as a team. We made many accommodations, but the challenge with an asynchronous production is that there can still be miscommunications between expectations and deliverables. We attempted several method, video tutorials of expectations and additional meetings to varying degrees of success.


Fog of War Development - Individual Reveal Actors


Fog of War Development - Animated Brush Edges


Level End Cinematics

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