Skeleton Study


Based on the piece, "Skeleton Home" created by Olga Orlova. I challenged myself to create a 3d rendering of the original 2d painting, matching perspective and materials with as few liberties taken as possible. Created in Maya, Substance Painter, and Zbrush


Making a Painting 3d


I started by laying out a rough shape of a room and applied an image to a camera that I locked in place to match scale and perspective. This would eventually become my render Camera that pushes through the scene

Once all of the models are in place I put a generic clay shader so get a first lighting pass before moving onto materials.

After passing the materials through substance I will continue to refine lighting.


Final Render Still

Wireframe Push Through

UV Examples

Oops! I'm still working on this page and am not ready to show it yet! Please enjoy what's here for now!

Surfacing Examples